Barcelona, 5 Abril, 2020

Let's grow in fashion

Let's grow in fashion

Let's Grow


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Bold, creative and Unique
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Bold, creative and Unique. These three words represent our brand values.

Born in Madrid in the late nineties, the brand came into life in response to the need of finding a jewelry style that would break away from everything that exists. The first UNOde50 collections were made up of only 50 units of each design. A commitment to quality and exclusivity forced to evolve because of the brand’s success. Today, we still keep the 50 exclusive pieces for our limited editions.

The Brand is present in over 45 countries and it has over 100 stores in top locations around the world and more than 2,500 distribution points in cities such as New York, Shanghai, London, Paris and Barcelona. Currently, UNOde50 continues making all of its pieces using traditional methods as if they were one-of-a-kind, also presenting 50-unit Limited Editions with each collection.

UNOde50 keeps writing its story. Want to be part?